1870 J D Moore – Installed

We are pleased to announce the completion of the 1870 J D Moore project 


St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church, Herndon, Virginia 

20 stops / 24 ranks

Mechanical key and stop action / Electric action pedal





Setting up the Workshop


Getting the building completed does not finish our task of rebuilding the shop.  We are now moving all our equipment, tools, supplies, benches, jigs, lumber and the like into the new space.  The plan is to complete this work by the end of the month, but as you can see, there remains a lot to do.

However, the end is most definitely in sight… We and our clients can’t wait for the Open House Party!

PS – No, those last pics are not a clergy gallows but our 1 ton shop built hoist allowing us to easily and quickly move supplies and parts between floors.























Huzzah! The Workshop is Finished!!




We are at long last finished with the construction of our new workshop. In spite of the many obstacles the talented bureaucrats in my local planning and permit department presented, and an unusually long and wet spring, we now have a CO (certificate of occupancy), meaning we are now allowed to move all our tools, machinery, benches, etc. from our cramped temporary barn into our new digs)


The new shop has 4,000 square feet of floor space (about a 1/3rd larger than the old building) with 28′ high setup area to assemble our “lofty” projects, lots of windows for good natural lighting on the work benches, and a high efficiency heat pump to keep us cool/warm year round.

Thank you many times over to our wonderfully patient clients and friends for their encouragement and tremendous support throughout this rebuilding process.

We are planning an open house in the Fall, so stay tuned for a date and time.



P.S. – To those curious folks wondering what this last photo is about; you are looking at 500 tons of dirt that the fire marshall required in order to build a heavy duty road from the workshop down to our pond.

Building codes, ordinances and regulations…. don’t ya just love ’em!!

2016 – A new year and a new beginning….

January sees lots of activity at the Farmer organ shop.  With Christmas over, we are done with the crush of tunings and emergency organ repairs the season always brings and are now fully focused on the completion of our new 5000 square foot workshop.  Work really started back in October and the building exterior is now done.  The next two months will see the interior concrete slab poured, insulation installed in the walls and ceiling, plumbing, HVAC and electrical wiring done.  We hope to move in by the end of February (provided the organ gods continue to favor us).

There will be another six to eight weeks of installing our new machinery, work benches, cabinets and other important “stuff” before we can declare the shop completely finished.  Please look for our announcement for a shop celebration this spring.  Everyone will be invited!





















2015 was not our best year…


In the early morning of March 11, our beautiful post and beam workshop was completly destroyed by a terrible fire.  The fire marshall determined it was the random work of an arsonist(s), likely responsible for several other local fires.  The blaze started behind the shop, quickly spread to the rear wall and then engulfed the entire building in less than 30 minutes time.  In spite of the efforts of three volunteer fire departments, the workshop was completely consumed.  The heat was so intense, it melted window glass and vaporized aluminum ladders!

All our power tools (including a custom CNC machine), hand tools, custom jigs, templates, drawings, inventory and 35 years of effort  were lost.  We were determined to rebuild, but it was the incredible outpouring of support, encouragement and offers of help from our friends and colleagues at this most difficult time that has kept our spirits up and our vision focused on the future.