• New instruments – Custom built for a client’s unique requirements.
  • Restorations – Careful preservation of historic instruments.
  • Rebuilding – Retaining the best while updating the remainder.
  • Maintenance – Repairs and adjustments to existing organs.
  • Tuning – The endless fight against the entropy of the universe.
  • Painted facades – New or restored in polychrome stenciling or gold leaf.
  • Consulting – Providing advice and expertise to organ committees.

We believe that successful projects result from effective collaboration between the client and builder; each listening and learning about the other’s goals. We work hard on behalf of our clients to ensure a reasonable balance between quality and cost.

Although we hold our European friends in high regard, we are most definitely a workshop that is guided by the past 200 years of American pipe organ traditions. Our American musical heritage is an ideal roadmap in guiding us towards finding creative musical solutions.